Minamaries - Who Is Marie?

Capt. Charles Sturt statue   Victoria Square Adelaide  South Australia           Image:Marie Vonow

I have enjoyed writing since I was a kid. At 8 years old I wanted to be a writer like Enid Blyton, my favourite author when I grew up. (That was before the days of political correctness and Enid's fall from grace.) I later decided to become a teacher instead, but continued to enjoy writing as a hobby.

A few years ago I started publishing articles on the internet. I picked up some tips about online writing and enjoyed using my own images for many of the articles I wrote. But I wanted to do more with my writing.

The idea of doing a blog appealed, one that perhaps also made a bit of money. A place I could write about the things that interested me, home base, living on a budget but enjoying life, self development and more, written with a bit of creative flair (hopefully). I wanted a place where I could do it in my own way, an opportunity to interact with readers, not just put my writing out there. 

So I read quite a bit about blogging and got so confused. I dropped the idea but kept my notes. Don't know why because I believe in getting rid of clutter, the things one will never use.

I continued writing online but felt restricted by trying to work out what editors wanted. At times I had ideas I felt wouldn't get published because they weren't quite mainstream. I still wanted to do more with my writing, but I wasn't sure what or how. 

Then the email came. 

Although we only knew of each other through the internet, Mina was inviting me to collaborate with her in a joint venture. A blog where we could both write what we wanted, how we wanted. My answer was 'Yes', no hesitation.
Mina knew I was clueless about the technical side of things and so she would need to do all the hard yakka of setting up. However, Mina had read lots of my articles and even though we had never met, thought we would be a 'good fit' and could work together. 

The emails flew back and forth between the Ozzie and the Kiwi. Mina worked hard to build a place where we can express ourselves in our own way on things we are passionate about. (Thank you Mina).

And so MinaMaries was born and here we are. 

P.S. I'm glad I kept my blogging notes.


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