Can't Live Without The Internet


The internet has brought various problems into our lives but it is so useful in many ways. I laugh now when I think back to 1995 when I was buying a new PC. The 'information super highway' was mentioned and I said it was something I would never use! What a joke. Fast forward 23 years and I make use of it every day.

I recently read of a region, not that far away, which had been without the internet for nearly two weeks. Yikes!

So what have I used the internet for so far today?

  • I used internet banking to transfer money between accounts.
  • My son showed me a video on YouTube.
  • I used Facebook to check up on a travelling cousin and her husband to see where they are now.
  • I came across a recipe on Facebook that looks yummy. There's a bit too much sugar and fat in it but I can tweak it to fix those issues.
  • I shared a joke with a friend. It was relevant to a question she asked on Facebook.
  • I sent birthday greetings to a friend.
  • I got inspiration for a future post from a comment on Facebook.
  • I responded to a post made by a friend. I had to agree with her comment that Facebook can be useful, it's certainly not all bad.
  • Of course I read some emails and sent replies where appropriate. Ah, my groceries which I ordered online yesterday will be delivered between 9am and 10am tomorrow.
Then I went up the street to buy a few items from a different supermarket. It has a couple of products the supermarket I use for online shopping doesn't stock and is substantially cheaper for a couple of other products I use regularly.

I wasn't going to use the internet while I was away from home, was I? Wrong.
  • I found a recipe that sounds really nice and it includes pancetta, an ingredient I haven't ever used. I couldn't find any in the supermarket so I pulled out my mobile and googled to see what I could substitute. Seems there are several types of bacon that would be suitable. Didn't need to use a substitute because I then found some pancetta. 
  • When I got home a lady dropped in to purchase something I had advertised on Gumtree. Once she had gone I used the internet to send a message to someone else who had been interested in the item and I had promised to let her know if I sold it.
  • I am now using the internet to add a post to my blog. 
  •  I will also use the internet to access Pixabay to find a suitable image to go along with the post.
  •  While I am blogging I am listening to music from YouTube.
  • This evening I will watch the next couple of episodes of a series on Netflix.

I was going to call this post How Did I Manage Before The Internet? but then decided Can't Live Without The Internet was more accurate.


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