Making Time To Be Creative

If you haven't done something creative in a while perhaps you need to make some time.    Image:Marie Vonow

Do you ever feel like you are a mouse on one of those exercise wheels and the faster you run the faster life seems to move and the more you are getting nowhere? Do you feel you will never get everything done and that there is no time to do the things that excite and energise you?
There was a time in my life when I was so busy with full time employment, family responsibilities and everything else I was trying to do that I had no time for hobbies. 
Now that I have more time for creative pursuits I am happier and less stressed even though I have less income. I also find I have more ideas for things to write about.

What are some ways you can slow down, get some time to be creative and stimulate your imagination? Here are seven suggestions –

1. Aim to achieve balance in life
When we strike that balance between work and play we are healthier and actually achieve more. Perhaps you can get yourself a bit more time by delegating some of the tasks you are currently doing. Doing things we enjoy is an achievement too. Not so easy to get that balance though.

2. Take a break
Regular breaks, whether they be lunch breaks, a day out or a holiday are beneficial in lots of ways. Taking a break will benefit everyone around you. 
Sometimes one will solve problems or come up with creative ideas while taking a break. How many times has inspiration struck you when you were under the shower? Your mind is relaxed and can come up with ideas but while you were stressing out it couldn’t.

You will be more efficient if you take a break so never consider it wasted time.

3. Break your routine
Doing something different stimulates creativity. By trying a different way of doing things you may also stumble upon something that saves you time.

4. Give up ironing
Perhaps some tasks you habitually do could be reduced or even given up altogether. However, you may need to wear clothes that require ironing for work and so ironing may have to stay on your list. It could be you enjoy ironing and even find it relaxing. That’s fine. 
5. Reduce gardening tasks
If you don’t enjoy weeding you could spread bark chips or gravel between shrubs to make it harder for weeds to grow. Shrubs may be easier to maintain than annuals. Perhaps you can pay someone to do some jobs in the garden to save you time. However, if gardening is your hobby you may not want to do this.

6. Decluttering
Decluttering and reducing the number of ornaments on display will reduce the time you need to spend dusting. Clearing out the clutter also makes it easier to find things and that saves time and energy.

7. Do household tasks less often
Perhaps some household tasks don't need to be done as frequently as you do them now. Yes, I am talking about lowering your standards. However, if you are uncomfortable with this, save time in another way.

Finding more time for yourself may be a matter of lowering your standards. Don’t expect such a high standard of yourself. Accept the attempts of others when you delegate tasks. Perhaps, but I am not promising anything, others will offer to do more if they feel their efforts are of an acceptable standard and are appreciated. Enjoy your time to quilt, write, do ceramics or whatever your creative pursuit is.


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