Tips To Make Gardening Easier - Flowering Plants

These Californian poppies self sow and appear all over my garden                            Image:Marie Vonow
I love my garden but to be honest I don't like gardening to be a battle. Some people enjoy the challenge of getting exotic plants and flora known to be tricky to grow and that's fine for them. Me, well I can't be bothered with plants which are hard work to get to grow and keep alive. There are many flowering plants which basically look after themselves as long as I mulch them, water in hot weather, do a bit of cutting back and give them a little fertilizer occasionally.

If you want a few flowers in your garden but don't want it to be hard work I would suggest -
1. Plant more shrubs and perennials
Many shrubs such as lavender, rosemary, geraniums, pelargoniums and daisies need little attention once established. Yes, that's what you will find in my garden. They need less water once their root system is established which saves on water as well as time and energy. A bit of fertiliser before flowering and a good cut back after flowering are the main things needed.

My lavender bush flowers for months and I have taken a few cuttings from the original plant. I now have four lavender bushes in my garden and have given away young plants I have grown from cuttings. They make a nice present.

I also love my pink daisy bush, another shrub that grows easily from cuttings.

This bush has had flowers on it for months, truly prolific and so easy to grow.       Image:Marie Vonow

 2. Grow plants native to your region
Plants which are native to wherever you live should be easier to grow because they suit the climate and soil. I have a few Australian native shrubs in my garden and they don't require a lot of water. Another bonus is that they attract the native birds and I love to see birds in my garden.

3. Grow annuals that throw seed
If you rather like a crazy garden that pretty much looks after itself, you might like to include some annuals that throw seed prolifically. Four years ago I planted a packet of mixed spring seeds in my front garden. One of the flowers was a yellow/orange Californian poppy.

The following spring numerous of these came up by themselves. Each spring an increasing number of these appear, not only in my front garden but in the back garden as well. They add welcome colour and help keep the weeds down. Bonus. 

I love having a vase or two of flowers in my home. At the moment I have a vase of pink daisies and lavender on the shelf of my desk. They are so pretty and very easy to grow.


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