In Love with Qilli Design

I had to do a logo recently - it's been a while so I was working in a clunky manner (awkward - like having clompy shoes on at a place like a hospital - where quiet is meant to prevail).

Was in this wee bubble thingamy - doing all manner of other stuff  - and not design.

It dawned on me how out of touch I was with design - concepts, style, trends....ohhh....everything! So I had a look about.

It felt as though I was in crowded rooms trying to see past the skirts of the beautiful people who make gorgeous things - jumping up to get a glimpse of the 'star' creators and their goods..

Yep Nanna at the back peeking about to see how they do things these days.

For those into doodles/whimsy/cute...

 (Hi! So nice to meet you!)...

I came across Qilli Design via TheHungryJPEG and fell in love... this talented girl is a master of the black pen/marker...a lot of her work is hand drawn - very cute and upbeat.

Francy Font Trio Preview
Francy Font Trio Preview - Image credit - Qilli Design

The font here is called Francy Font Trio - omigosh! This font makes me want to write a kids story or some jokes or some limericks and get the books printed online!

There's an outline font to colour at your heart's content... how about the outline font nice and big with kids names they can colour and add patterns to? (Another activity at Nan's house for the grandkids discovered!)

...the work is cheery, playful and has a sense of a whole lot of fun.

Yes I know....I'm gushing....I don't deny it at all - I love this stuff!

If I were only allowed two words to describe Quilli work I would say...


Why do I love this style?
Minimalist, bold, bright.

Clouds Caprice Font and Graphics Preview
Clouds Caprice Font and Graphics Preview - Image Credit - Qilli Design

This font is called Clouds Caprice - it's so sweet and would be captivating on most anything. Elegant and playful - there you go...that innocence thing appearing again...

With this font are bonuses:
  • 51 coloured illustrations
  • 62 black design elements
  • 30 posters in three file formats
 Imagine  all the cute cards and postcards you could make! (Drooling)

Summer Day Font - Pattern Preview
Summer Day Font - Pattern Preview - Image credit: Qilli Design

  Just look at these patterns that come with  the Summer Day font... I'm not a kid but I would totally rock this fabric in summer shifts with matching headbands and totes...

What Quilli Design products would be good for
  • Kids Stuff
  • Wall art
  • Posters
  • Tee shirts
  • Bags
....anything dammit...


...even better...

I came across this Qilli Design bundle at a price even I would whip out my bank card for.

US$7 gets you 12 fonts (some are carefree elegant scripts and some are naive kid-type (love, love, love) plus 720+ graphics (including doodle type illustrations and patterns)...

...with Commercial Licence...and comes with the following...

  • The Simple Guide
  • The Complete Guide
  • The Font Capability Guide
  • The Dingbats & Ornaments Guide

Instruction on how to install fonts

If you somehow lose your fonts or graphics there is no worry with an unlimited download facility.

Gentle Air Typeface Graphics Preview
Gentle Air Typeface Graphics Preview - Image credit: Qilli Design

These gorgeous doodles (76 coloured and 220 black) come with the Gentle Air Typeface

Poring at this preview my mind is ticking overtime with thoughts of stickers for diaries and journals, gift tags, greeting cards and kids tshirts....and...and...and...

All of the fonts and graphics mentioned above this point are included in the bundle...yay!!!...

This bundle offers a lot of versatility and scope for designers and crafters - you can check it out/go get yours here. ...but you'll need to line up behind me!

...I really do need a third word to describe Qilli Design ...


Last word....years ago I made this Hand Drawn Love Messages printable...

Hand Drawn Love Messages Printable Preview
Hand Drawn Love Messages Printable Preview

You can go grab it here xxx...

The rest of the day I will be AWOL - missing in action - not answering door or phone...I'm off to find my black markers and you won't know I'll be at my kitchen table...doodling on my


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