Smiling Can Make You Happy

You smile when you are happy and you are happy when you smile        Image:Adapted from Pixabay

I think we all know we smile when we are happy. But did you know that the physical act of smiling can actually make you happy?

 The other day I had worries on my mind and I wasn’t having a good day. I was in a shop when a stranger asked, ‘Are you having a good day?’ It seemed polite to lie so I said, ‘Yes, thanks. How about you?’ and I forced a smile. From that moment on my day improved. Things certainly weren’t brilliant but I felt better.

There is a connection between smiling and feeling happy. When your brain tells you that you are feeling happy you smile without thinking about it. It just happens. Then the action of the muscles involved in smiling gives your brain the message you are happy. 
Smiling can help reduce feelings of being stressed. It is believed smiling helps reduce the levels of stress inducing hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. When you smile more endorphins (stress reducing hormones) are released. The act of smiling also helps reduce blood pressure. Now that's something to smile about.

Children learn to smile by copying the people living in their home. The smile of a young child is very contagious. If a baby or toddler in a shop smiles at you do you find yourself smiling back? Exchanging smiles with a youngster can make waiting in a queue more pleasant.

Some research suggests the expression on your face while you are talking is even more important than the words you are speaking. However the words you are saying need to be consistent with the expression on your face. If you are firing an employee it is not going to help to smile as you do so. 

During a phone conversation, the listener will pick up that you are smiling, even if they can't see you, as it will affect the tone of your voice.

When you smile, others around you are more likely to smile. However, a smile needs to be sincere to have a positive effect on others. If you smile in an attempt to manipulate others they are likely to see through your fake smile.

Putting a smile on your face won’t fix everything. If you are feeling depressed it may take more than making yourself smile to improve the way you feel. Having said that, there are days when simply deciding to smile will make you feel happier.


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