5 Good Things About Moving House

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Moving house is said to be one of the most stressful events in a person's life. There is so much to organise, lots to coordinate, changes to adapt to and the fear of the unfamiliar. Then there is the issue of leaving behind the place you have called 'home'.

In spite of the negatives of moving, I have found there can be positives and you may find these are also relevant to you.
  1. Moving encourages a reassessment of one's life, goals and plans.
    Moving house gets one out of a rut. The move may be the result of reassessing  goals or it may lead to doing a 'stock take' and making some important decisions. 
    Perhaps you have lived in the same house for many years and are accustomed to going to the same supermarket, the same petrol station and doing things the same way. You may have a favourite cafe and you like to sit at the same table if it is available. While there is nothing wrong with having a routine, it may mean you don't see opportunities and your life may be somewhat 'stale', yes you are in a rut. Perhaps you will benefit from a move.

  2. There is nothing like moving house to encourage you to declutter
    When you have lived in the same place for many years, maybe even a couple of decades or longer, there can be a tendency to accumulate things. When one cupboard is full, you replace it with a bigger one or you buy an extra. If the house seems pretty full up you find room in the shed. Perhaps you even get a second shed to store all the stuff you might want again one day or that has a sentimental value.
When I know a move is on the horizon I start
viewing things with new eyes. I actually look at my possessions and question their value and place in my current life.

Some things will still be important to me and I will want to keep them. Other things won't and
I sell or donate them with a sense of relief at having parted with clutter.
  1. It gives you something different to talk about.
    If you have lived in the same place for quite a while and are in a routine you may find you tend to stick to familiar topics. When friends ask what is happening in your life you may answer, 'Same old, same old'. When you are planning a move there are numerous new things to talk about. Perhaps you ask people for advice or what their experience of moving was. Once you are in your new place there will be plenty to talk about.

  2. You are likely to meet new people
    Even if you don't move far, you will come into contact with new people. They may be neighbours or staff at a 'new' supermarket. After moving house I see different people when I walk my dog. If moving involves a new job you will meet a whole bunch of new people. 

    5. Change boosts creativity
    Moving to a new place is a big change and change is known to boost creativity. Whether you need creativity in your job or have a hobby that requires original thought, moving house is likely to shake up your way of looking at things. I know it will give me plenty to write about.
While there are disadvantages to moving house, there are
also good points. As I pack boxes I am focussing on the latter.


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