Wind Chimes

Bamboo owl wind chimes         Image:Marie Vonow
I love wind chimes, the sound they make when there is a gentle breeze seems so peaceful. Some are also pretty to look at or add personality to an outdoor entertaining area. Wind chimes can add a decorative touch to an indoor room as well.

In the past I have made my own wind chimes from clay. I made them as presents for friends featuring their favourite thing, whether that be teddy bears, cats, frogs or whatever. As my pottery phase ended over 25 years ago, it is likely none of these wind chimes are still in existence. A strong wind causing the pieces to bang and smash together probably broke them over the years.

I made wind chimes for myself and they have all broken over the years. But that is okay as my taste has changed.

Currently I have two wind chimes outside. One is made of bamboo and features an owl, my favourite bird. It was a present from my older son.

The other wind chimes has a different sound, being made of metal. I bought it at a garden shop some years ago. I love the gentle 'ting' sound as the wind blows it.
Metal wind chimes  Image:Marie Vonow

Having wind chimes in my garden adds another facet of peace and relaxation, especially as they are in a sheltered location so don't get blown around too much.

I am not the only person who finds the sound of wind chimes relaxing.

In some areas of Asia, wind chimes are believed to attract prosperity, good luck and good fortune. They are thought to attract peaceful forces and ward off evil. There are feng shui guidelines for the placement and materials used in wind chimes. According to feng shui a bamboo or wooden wind chimes should be hung in the east, south or southeast position and metal chimes in the north, west or northwest area.

Items such as wind chimes are a way of expressing and displaying ones personality and to me, help make a house your home.


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