There were these two ladies who thought they might like to write about things. They found they had some things in common - both life lovers and interested in lots of things. They like simple things and are budget minded. They are also thinkers.

They quite liked each others writings. They wanted freedom - a no-pressure new writing home to relax in and shoot the breeze about life in general.

One is in Australia and one is in New Zealand. One wasn't familiar with web stuff. The other was scared.

One day they decided they would build that home...so they did...

These two ladies are us xxx

Mina Says:

I'm the Kiwi gal. Basically I'm a Mum and Nan. Constant crafter, lover of family, books and music. Can't help learning. Like to fossick about in thrift shops. Empty nester happily returned to domestic pursuits xxx...

Here you will find stuff about home and life, design and software - things I'm up to - if you are after printables....read on...


Mina's Writings

Mina loves paper, cloth and yarn...and makes free printables. There are a few printables on this blog, and a heap of others elsewhere - printables. She has written about love, self help and lifestyle. She has some printables at her old journal blog, and some Maori ones too. The newest printables place is Mina's Printables - where she is working hard to get stuff on and where all her works will be from now on... xxx...

For the printables here, see Terms of Use

Marie Says:

I'm the Ozzie gal. I am a Mum, family carer and online freelance writer. Lover of life's simple pleasures, gardening, walking by the river, lifelong learning, nice coffee. Loves time with family/friends, cooking (simple recipes preferred) and taking photos, especially of street art. Questions things to get both sides of the picture.

Marie's Writings

Marie has written about having yourself a happier life, personal discovery, and poetry She has even written about pets!

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