5 Ways To Boost Your Energy

A healthy diet boosts your energy level                                          Image:Pixabay
Life can be crazy busy and there are many demands that sap our energy. We can find we are dragging our way through life, feeling drained and constantly tired. If you suspect there is a medical reason for a lack of energy make an appointment with your doctor or other medical professional. Otherwise try to get your bounce back by making a few changes in your life. I am not one for massive change, I find small tweaks can be helpful.

Here are five things you could try to see if you can get your bounce back -
  • Have something to look forward to each day. This does not have to be something big or expensive. It may be reading a book by a favourite author, time with a friend or going to a new place for coffee or a meal. Rather than waiting for the holidays to do something 'big' I find regular small treats boost my energy.

  • Try something different. I enjoy catching public transport (no car) to check out op shops a few kilometres away. Taking photos somewhere different inspires me. (Being inspired sure boosts my energy.) Doing the same thing all the time gets monotonous. When you are bored you don’t have energy.

  • Get plenty of sleep at night. Not always as easy as it sounds especially if you have young children or even a demanding pet! A quick power nap may also help but some people find they feel more tired after a day time sleep. It seems the problem can be if you sleep too long. Thirty minutes is often enough to boost your energy but you will know what works for you.

  • A healthy diet boosts energy and it can be tasty. Try some simple new recipes using fresh fruit and vegetables. Serve on a pretty plate and eat slowly. Keep some fresh fruit in a bowl on the kitchen table where you can see it. I find I am more likely to eat an apple if I don't have to scrabble through the crisper in the fridge to get one. 
  • Clutter can sap your energy. Clear out some of the physical clutter in your life. Once you have tossed out (or donated to charity) materials for a hobby you will never do again and made decisions about clothes you never wear you are likely to feel more energetic.
Life is more enjoyable when one has energy. There are many possible reasons for having a constant feeling of fatigue. It may not just be because you are so busy all the time although that can certainly be part of the problem. Years ago my doctor found I was anaemic during some routine blood tests. I had become so used to being tired I didn't suspect there was a medical problem.


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