Another 5 Ways To Boost Your Energy

    Walking a dog helps boost your energy                                   Image:Pixabay
    Yes, it's wise to have a chat to your medical professional if you notice you are always tired, weary and lacking energy. If you have recently found it hard to drag yourself out of bed when you usually have more pep, talk to him/her about what is happening.

    But if you think it's because of your lifestyle and taking on too many responsibilities, one or more of these ideas could help -

  • Deal with the negative self talk that keeps dragging you down. When you start having one of those ‘I am no good at…’ thoughts, just tell yourself to ‘Stop’. Replace the thought by thinking about something you are good at. A doctor gave me this advice.
  • Simplify your life. There will be activities you spend time on that don’t matter so stop doing them. There may be some things you can delegate or you may be able to hire someone to spend a couple hours cleaning for you. 

    You may be surprised how much someone else can do in two hours when the only thing they have to do is your house work. When I do housework I am also answering the phone and the door. I may have interruptions from people who live with me. Then I remember something unrelated to housework I need to do before I forget.

    In my twenties I did housework for pay for a few months and I was amazed how much I could get done when it was all I had to do. Okay, so I was able to move faster then than I do now but having no interruptions really did make it easier to get more done.
  • Schedule a lazy day now and then to recharge your batteries. Spend the day doing things you enjoy, either alone or with company. If it's a lovely day spend some time in the sunshine. Do I need to remind you about a hat and sunscreen, no, you already know that stuff.
  • Have a long shower. This time forget about rushing your shower to save water. Use a body scrub or shower gel in an energising fragrance such as orange, lime, lemon, peppermint or spice. I have a refreshing lime shower gel at the moment, just love that tangy smell.
  • Go for a walk with a friend or take your dog for a walk. Breathe deeply. Haven’t got a dog? Perhaps an elderly friend or neighbour with a disability would love it if you took theirs out for some exercise. 

    Or take your kids for a walk to the park or playground. Haven’t got kids? I am sure a friend will loan you theirs for an hour or two, especially during the school holidays. Have fun with the kids. Smile at the people you see.
I find I need to get a balance of activity and physical rest, company and solitude to optimise my energy. Work out what it is you need to get the most out of life.


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