Assemble a Simple Quartz Clock Mechanism

Simple quartz clock movements are fairly cheap to buy and easy to assemble.

Clock packs differ depending on where you buy them from, but are all similar.

Quartz Clock Components
From left to right
  1. Movement
  2. Rubber washer
  3. Clock face
  4. Brass washer
  5. Hex nut
  6. Hour hand
  7. Minute hand
  8. Second hand

Start off with the clock movement or mechanism.

Put on the rubber washer - it acts as a spacer.

Put /glue the clock face onto the movement.

View of the back of the clock.

Add the brass washer.

Put on the hour hand.

Attach the minute hand.

Put on the second hand.

All done! Put in a battery and you're ready to go!

Have fun!


Go and get the free printable clock faces for this project!

More printables to download... 


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