Cardboard Journal

Make your journals more interesting! Have a peek inside this sturdy wee A5-ish sized cardboard journal for ideas. You can make your journals unique one of a kind things you'd be proud to give away - but that you'd rather keep.

Cover is corrugated cardboard, covered with leather look wallpaper.

Pages are A4 sized cardboard pieces folded in half to make the A5 pages. I wanted the journal to be tough and able to take multiple paint treatment - as well as be able to hold all the other things I wanted to put into it. Pockets were made and threaded to pages
along with matching tags.

Pages were decorated with anything on hand - paints - acrylic and poster, and stamped with bubble wrap.

Permanent pens to add bold graphics. Bits of scrap paper glued on and ribbon and acrylic string through punched holes.

Tags were made, added to the journal inside strap holders and into pockets.

Pages were tied to the spine with string, and beads threaded on the outer side.

String was braided and tied off to make it tidier.

I hope you got some inspiration and ideas from this post.

Have fun!

Grab some printables to download... 


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