Easy Notebook Makeover

Finished notebook
You can get some really good stationery bargains at 'Back to School' sales. Pretty up some notebooks for yourself or use as low-cost gifts.

Art and Craft Supplies

3B1 Notebooks
Glue stick
Scrap Paper
Elastic/rubber bands/ribbon

  • Open the notebook to the middle and remove staples with a blunt kitchen knife.

Detatch pages from cover
  • Cut the cover along the 'spine' folds.

Cover pieces placed on wrong side of scrap paper
  • Lay scrap paper face down and glue the cover pieces close together, keeping the top and bottom edges fairly straight.
Trim corners
  • Trim scrap paper about an inch larger than the cover all the way around. Trim corners diagonally.

...nearly finished...
  •  Fold and glue the outer edges of the paper (glue the wrong side of the paper) to the inside of the cover.

Finished cover
  • Trim more scrap paper to fit the inside cover, and glue, hiding the edges of the outer cover as shown.

Your cover is finished!

Storing finished pages
Finished notebooks
  • Grab the pages, put them back in the notebook tying them to the cover with a piece of elastic or use rubber bands.

  • When you’ve finished your pages, just whip them out and tie together with a piece of ribbon for storage. 

  • Add a gift tag to the finished booklets. Write the date you finished the pages on the gift tag. Pop them in a pretty fabric box.

  • Grab your next notebook, get rid of the staples and pop the pages back into the reuseable cover. Put the ‘new’ card into your craft stash.

Sometimes you get big, bold patterned pages in your scrap paper pads, that might not suit your layouts – what to do with them? The patterns get covered up and you can’t really see how beautiful some of them are.

This project is great for that!


  • Try Kraft paper or brown grocery bags for the inside cover.
  • There is no need to meticulously measure.
  • This project is easier and quicker than you might think. Minimal supplies and maximum impact!
Have a go!

  • Tie ribbon around the middle of the notebook
  • Further decorate with scrapbooking embellishments

Have fun!

Grab some printables to download...


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