Free Printable Sassy Gal and More

Here's the kind of process I go through when I make printables ....

Lots of stuff in this post:

  • Digital Colouring
  • Free colouring pages
  • Free cards
Sometimes I really get into playing about with virtual paper dollies and start mucking about with making comicbook clipart.  I have been enjoying colouring in on my machine.

You can follow along using 'real' media (paints, crayons etc) using similar principles.

So I like this lady. She looks sassy and quite gorgeous. She's so very tiny (can't colour that in easily). I make an A4 document at 300dpi so she will print nice... yay...

That's better...but I need to make her big....

Get rid of the speech bubble and the frame is in the way....  must go.

You could go grab some sassy gals to colour in. Theres a big sassy gal and page of smaller sassy gals...

She's got red hair (Lucille Ball xxx). I am using a paintbrush with wet edges and painting behind her.

On with the face. Double swipe along the cheekbones and knuckles etc for depth. A graphic like this is great for beginner 'colour in-ners' - see the wee lines I'm talking about? Just a swipe along those.

Ooooh, lime green jacket.

Put some make up on...a bit of eye shadow....
Isolate her. She's now stand-alone and ready to be popped into anything I make later on. I haven't finished playing with her yet. She looks a little lonely there in nowhere land.

Add a background - the choosing of one was probably  the most time consuming thing of all in this exercise. Grab a page like this one to colour yourself. or grab a page with just the building on it here.

Colour in the tree.

  • Make a start on the buildings and ground.
  • Windows and ledges.
  • Darken up the background for more definition
  • Add some highlights.
  • Refining - last minute touches here and there. 

Okay - I want her in my book, that's a page.

It could do for a cool retro card that seems to be the all the rage right now. She's waving that finger about - kind of bossy-like.

Wanted to try blue hair


Preview of download - 2 cards and 2 clipart per A4 page

How about a sassy kind of inspirational quote? Yeah alright :)

 So what could you do with the free downloads on this post?


  • Posters
  • Backgrounds
  • Journal page
  • Decoupage
  • Colour in
  • Collage
  • Make cards
  • Make postcards
I'm sure you could think of other things xxx ....

More printables to download...


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