MinaMaries - Google or Not?

I chose the Blogspot / Blogger platform in lieu of WordPress because...

  • It is a free platform
  • It is easier (for me) to get about in
  • Free hosting. You can attach a dot.com name to your site - end of cost. Something like US$12 per year if you look about
  • You can implement Adsense as a source of income
  • You may be Adsense approved in a shorter time
  • You own what you write/draw/create...yay xxx...
  • You can find out whatever you want to - to customise your site via tutorials on the net
  • Your site can be as small or large as you want it...want a gallery?...forum?...etc? Fine do it using the point above
  • Google has plenty of grunt, so in the event of unprecedented, full on traffic - the site is unlikely to crash - something like 99.something% uptime. I don't have to fix anything if it goes wrong
  • Google looks out for nasty hacker types
  • Posting via email option via phone (yay... I can be a Princess down the beach and pop a post in telling you I saw a mermaid!)
  • Can use 'Hangouts' for free video/phone calls if you're working with someone in another country

People say there is a loss of freedom because Google (who owns BlogSpot / Blogger) has rules - which is to keep things family oriented and clean

There are plenty of shoddy sites out there...I'm not going to be one of them

There are lots of WordPress widgets to do things for site customisation as opposed to tutorials for Blogger

I have no problem trying to learn stuff


So...that's about all I can think of for now...I'll add to this if I come up with anything else...

Basically - I chose the best thing I could for what I intend to do (which is still evolving)....

Like Google or not?

For me....for now...gots to say I do xxx...


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