MinaMaries - Need a Free site

So Far...

...so the idea had surfaced, Marie was on board....


Had to go make a website now.... had to be free.....

Out of all...I chose Blogger (old BlogSpot)

Now why did you do that?
  • Partial to it
  • Easy-ish for me to use, non-threatening (I'm a scaredy cat)

Tell me more

Isn't Wordpress THE thing?
  • Maybe....tried it...a few times...was part of one of those content mill things I was involved with...didn't suit me.
  • Outta my depth

Ok...What next?
  • Chose a theme. This one's called 'SOHO'
  • Swap out the image on the home page to avoid Copyright issues

This particular image from Pixabay
Thank you very very much to falconp4 (Love you!)
  • It took five days of tweaking and testing to get it how I wanted.
  • Lots of reading and learning and trial and error
  • New lingo and guesses of lingo words to search for things I didn't know the names of
  • Looking at the potential of what was available
  • Familiarising self with the Blogger platform
  • Frantic note taking
  • A couple of Rums and swear words
  • Graphic work 
  • Note taking/ideas for content
  • Note taking/ideas for possible direction of MinaMaries xxx
  • Hopping over elsewhere to do editing tasks
  • Grandkids

  • My first foray into CSS for customisation and doddering attempts at long forgotten HTML
  • Two days to work out the Contact form thingybobby
Coders - do not laugh.
  • Workarounds for things I couldn't work out or was too scared to touch in the template
There's a couple of other things I'd like to do but all cosmetic, can wait till I get brave... if I get brave. Things working fine.

So five long days and nights.
Kinda scary but done.


So what do you think? 
  • I like word games...reckon I might try some more coding one day.
  • Time well spent...
  • Online 'house' ready...

...Hey Marie...
Be a love and pick up the wine xxx...


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