Op Shopping After Visiting The Dentist

The Vinnies store next to my dentist                                           Image:Marie Vonow
I had to go to the dentist the other day. It was my fourth visit to get a tooth at the back of my mouth fixed but that's not the point of this post. I'm sure you really don't want to know the details and I don't even want to write about it. No, I want to tell you about what I did afterwards.

I like to plan something fun after a visit to the dentist but coffee at the bakery up the road wasn't the thing to do with a sensitive tooth and a numb mouth.
A bit of retail therapy sounded like the go, but like many, I need to stick to a budget. I often check out the local op shops and believe this is also better for the environment than always buying brand new. 

Even though op shop finds are within my budget, I avoid buying too much stuff,  because I have decluttered over the past few years. Now I only buy clothes that coordinate with what I already own. I don't want to go back to having lots of items I never use and not being able to find things.

Anyway there is a Vinnie's op shop right next to my dentist, so convenient. I popped in to see if they had a blue necklace, something with a large pendant. I knew what I wanted. They didn't have anything like that, but they did have a brand new hanky - hem skirt with the original price tag. I tried it on and was happy with the way it fitted. 

Hanky-hem skirt Image:Marie Vonow
I also purchased a dark burgundy t-shirt with three quarter length sleeves. The sleeves are cuffed which makes it that bit different. 

In a couple of weeks the weather should have cooled down enough for me to wear it, although the weather is pretty crazy this autumn, so who knows?

Although I already have a couple of black long sleeved tops I fell in love with one hanging on the rack. Plain black tops can usually be dressed up with interesting jewellery or a scarf. A thinner one can be worn under another top for extra warmth in cooler weather. I also find a thin black top with a higher neck useful to wear under a top that exposes too much skin.
I was attracted to this particular black top because of the silver detailing at the neckline, no need to choose a necklace or beads as accessories. It will coordinate nicely with my new skirt.
I love the silver decoration on this black top                            Image:Marie Vonow

As you can tell from the photos, I am not a fashion blogger. But I like looking at some of the blogs written by fashionistas, complete with great photos taken by a professional photographer or a patient boyfriend/partner/husband/friend. It's interesting to see how these fashion bloggers put together an outfit. Sometimes the backgrounds are as stunning as the clothing and accessories. But back to my op shop experience.

I also picked up a Delta Goodrem CD for $2 and have already listened to it several times. I was very happy with my shopping, stayed well within my budget and felt pleased the money I spent will go to help people in need. 

Yesterday I had an appointment in another suburb. Afterwards I went and looked at brand new clothes in the nearby shopping centre.

Yes, the clothes are in this season's fashion colours and are on trend but the prices were much higher, especially in some of the boutiques. I had a sense of satisfaction at having saved quite a lot of money by buying pre-loved after my dentist visit.

Do you ever buy from an op shop? We'd love to read about your bargains so feel free to tell us about them in the comments box.


  1. Confession time. The burgundy top 'didn't work out' and I donated it back to the op shop a few months later.


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