5 Kitchen Tips

Keep some sandwiches in the freezer to toast for a quick lunch                    Image:Pixabay
 I like to share useful tips which make life easier. Here are 5 tried and true tips which I find useful -
1. Weevil free
Freeze brown rice to keep it weevil free. Wholemeal flour, nuts and other food items prone to weevil infestation can also be stored in the freezer. This is especially useful if you like to buy in bulk.

2. Freezing sausages
Spread sausages on an oven tray and place in freezer. Remove when just frozen and place in a freezer bag or plastic container and return to freezer. The sausages won't stick together and you can take out the desired number instead of having to defrost a whole bag of sausages when perhaps you only want a couple.

3. Use by date
When transferring flour, sugar etc from its original bag to an air tight container, write the use by date on the container. Alternatively, cut out the date from the original bag and tape to the container.

4. Freezer sandwiches
Sandwiches such as ham and cheese or chicken and cheese freeze well and are handy when you want a quick lunch or have unexpected guests at lunch time. You can defrost the  sandwiches in the microwave and then toast under the griller or heat in a sandwich press. They are extra tasty if you dip them into a mixture of beaten egg and milk and fry in butter or margarine.

5. Use a clothes peg
Use a spring clothes peg instead of a wire tie to keep a plastic bag closed in the freezer.


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