Buying Fashion Clothing from China - Online Shopping

There are some amazing clothes coming out of China to buy online at low prices with free shipping.

Reading what people have to say about it raises some interesting points.

As the Chinese market meets West - there are a number of issues that have come to the fore.

Language and Culture

Some descriptions of the product are not accurate - as we would see it.

I have seen this change over the years as expectations from both sides try to merge. This is less prevalent now, and being actively addressed by new online selling rules.

We tend to think/want/expect things to last forever.

People have said that from certain sites the quality is poor. Everything from stitching, sizing to fabric, shoddy workmanship etc.

All I can think is what do you really expect from a $6 dress? Where I live you can easily pay four times more for a pair of knickers or a bra. Gotta say it you do get what you pay for.

Personal Experience

Maybe its a matter of perspective. This is my scenario - just how I roll.

I have good clothes that live mostly in the wardrobe. They come out for special occasions only. Had a cleanout recently and was horrified that some of the expensive items really had not justified their cost - having only paraded themselves mostly in the wardrobe.

Also the choice of outfit was limited. I'd been wearing the same stuff for years. I admit to having that feeling that I don't want to be seen in the same stuff at the next do.

Where I live the second hand shops tend to be dearer than buying online.

I got this dress for a wedding.

As the fabric was a bit sheer - I took the straps off a bra and tacked the bra into the dress for more form.

It made a huge difference to how the dress looked on my body.

I am unlikely to wear this again. Worth the $12 it cost. Less than a drink at some places.

I could adapt it, add a tulle skirt or turn it into a tank or use it for a pattern if so inclined.

As I said earlier - you get what you pay for. I think the Chinese faction is doing well and will continue to improve. Personally, I find value here and I'm thrilled with it.


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