Five Ways To Save Time At Home

There are only 24 hours in a day                     Image:Pixabay
Many people find they don't have enough time with the result they feel stressed and don't enjoy life fully. As it is impossible to get more than 24 hours each day, the alternative is finding ways to save time.

Ways to save time -
  1. Sometimes say, ‘No.’ ( I used to find this quite difficult but am getting better at it.) Think before you agree to do something. Sometimes another person can do the task. At times it is actually better for that person to do it because it will increase their independence.

  2. Learn to delegate, another thing that doesn't come easily to me. This may initially entail spending time teaching someone else how to do the task. 

    The person may say things like, ‘But you do it so well,’ in an attempt to avoid it. Be strong! Perhaps the other person really doesn’t have the confidence and needs support and encouragement. 

    You may have to accept the task being done a different way or not up to your standard. You can close the door to a teenager's room. Probably not necessary, he/she is likely to keep it closed anyway.

  3. Don’t feel guilty about ‘outsourcing’ some tasks. You are helping someone else financially by paying them to do gardening or house work for you. Some people have found swapping tasks with a friend or neighbour can help them be more time efficient. Perhaps a neighbour can mow your lawn in exchange for a meal.

  4. Ask yourself if the task can be done less often. Does it have to be done at all? You may need to drop your standard and accept a ‘near enough is good enough’ attitude.

  5. Is there an easier way to do the task? Consult the internet for simpler and quicker ways to do various household tasks. There are plenty of 'housework hacks' on Pinterest.
    Do what works best for you.


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