Grocery Rant

How stupid things have become.

It is becoming more expensive to make a basic meal at home than to go out and eat.

People have become disillusioned with additives, preservatives and are becoming more aware of nutrition. They are wanting more natural type foods.

Grocery bills have become horrendous for a lot of us. At the moment where I am a cauliflower is $8 at the supermarket - way stupid.

Dairy is expensive - butter and cheap cheese is off the grocery list for many families.

Coca Cola (a treat in my time) is now cheaper than milk. Basic foods, fruit and vegetables have damn near reversed their status and become luxury items.

So very annoying is that I am in a country that produces meat, dairy, fruit and veg and we are sometimes paying more for lesser grade foods that are shipped out for export.

You can do some small things to make your food money go further:
  • Grow fruit and/or vegetables for family and friends. Any leftovers can be preserved or traded with others for different produce.
  • Pool resources to buy beasts to share .
  • Plan your meals. Leftovers are good for lunches or as sides for your next meal.
  • Take advantage of special prices at supermarkets.
  • Bulk buy basics like flour and sugar.

My garden is definitely going to be bigger this, where are those gardening gloves?


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