Online Shopping

I've been doing this for years....

I started out with it because I'm a craft freak and craft stuff was really expensive where I am. I started getting beads and jewelry findings and whole heaps of embroidery thread and....and...and...

....all for less than 10 cents.

I decided to give online shopping a go because I wasn't spending much and thought it would be ok to 'lose' if the seller was unscrupulous.

There was not much choice back then so things were got off shore.

Could not resist...lure of a bargain and all that. It meant I could 'waste' if accidents happened

It was a spooky world back then.

I had to learn to wait - be patient - took a month or more to receive the goods
Had to learn to read between the lines about descriptions etc

....started getting jewellry for gifts for birthdays and Christmas and just because....
I am really good at losing jewelry so I don't deserve 'real stuff'. I do have a few pieces of 'real stuff'

.....all for less than $2

....started getting clothing and people started wanting the same

....started getting computer mice, microphones, tripods, sd cards, external drives etc

....started getting books, models, toys, doll houses for grandkids and me

But now.....

Over time - (yes! you guessed it) rules and processes became internet law and its a whole lot less unscrupulous for physical goods.

It is a lot safer out there now, with protection measures having been put in place like guaranteed refunds from third parties if you don't get your goods.

New Zealand caught up a little and I started buying from here. A person's reputation is all they really have online. Social media, reviews, groups and other places will slam you if you don't make good as a seller.

Importing has meant it is now affordable for me to buy craft gear here.

People are more savvy and will research the things they are thinking about buying.

I have bought new computers, laptops and all manner of things in New Zealand. Even a new fake Vespa step through motor scooter...crated and delivered to my door...beep beep!

I buy groceries and meat packs online - click and collect - because it is so convenient and I don't trust B with my card. It is worth the $5 packing charge - saving me driving there, parking, getting stuff, waiting in line to pay, packing the car up... coming home.....

All that is cut out....just got to put in cupboard....more time for doing Princess/Mermaid things.

Places will give an option to substitute goods if what you ordered is not available - often to a greater value than what you paid for.

This happened with some white porcelain teapots I was getting (did you know I love a cuppa tea?) Ended up with two more...and they were nicer than what I'd ordered. They ended up as gifts to friends. online shopping is mainly good for me.

PS I am guilty of dreaming and filling online carts with stuff I don't need and wouldn't wear...this kind of online shopping does not materialise physically....I don't end up buying the things...I shut the browser...


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