Preserve Parsley - Drying

I like parsley. A lot.

I'd heard somewhere years ago you shouldn't buy it for yourself, that parsley should be given to you.

So last year I tried to grow from wee offshoots coming up through cracks in the concrete (it had worked previously).

It didn't work.

So I bought a pack of plants and they stayed on the bench for a few days.

I divided up the plants. Gave some to my kids and told them to give me a couple back.

Its amazing how we can twist/compromise something in our minds to accept things or shape an idea until its acceptable to us.

As a result, we have lots of the stuff at our houses and all happy.

Anyhoo a wee look about the net found me the following:
  • Parsley grows best where the woman is the boss
  • Only wicked people can grow parsley
  • You should not give parsley plants away
  • Parsley should not be transplanted 
So I did it all wrong again if I'm going to believe that....I don't...


There was such a lot of it, it was going to rot and that's just not on...I was going out and left a note for B...

Tip...Adding hearts and kisses on notes gets things done around here...

On coming home I found....

Yay...parsley for winter dishes soon!

...the parsley, grapes and cooked pork chops...yay....

Into the oven

Two washes of the parsley to get all the little critters out...then patted dry-ish on a tee towel and into the oven at 100 degrees Celsius for an hour and a half.

My particular oven runs hot, so just check your time.

Out of the oven


crushed parsley

Crushed and bottled. Labelled. Yield 2 litre ice cream container and a pretty bottle in the spice rack.


I'll be using this in all manner of things - doughboys, stuffing, stews, casseroles, topping cheese - mac cheese,cheese on toast...oh no I'm making myself hungry...

A few weeks down the line and there's plenty of parsley


  1. Many years ago, before I had children, a neighbour told me if someone gives you parsley plants you will get pregnant! I have been given parsley plants a few times over the years and didn't get pregnant any of the times.

  2. Hehehe Marie...maybe instruction should have been - lay down in real bed not garden bed - oops! sorry - couldn't resist - hahahaha


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