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All printables here at MinaMaries and Mina's Printables are/have been designed/created/dreamed up by Mina Keenan

Terms of Use
  • You may NOT gather graphics from here to give away like I do here. This includes making them into digital stamps or brushes or alternate file types.
  • Do not distribute these graphics as they are in any form. Please direct people here for them instead.
  • Do not hotlink to the images or download files.
  • Do not sell the graphics I have produced.
Personal Use - go for it! All graphics may be used how you wish. A link back would be sooo nice xxx...


Right - that's it. Back to the good stuff - ready to download and make something? Get that creative muse to work? Great! Let's go!

You could start by seeing one way to colour the dame in the pic and getting colouring sheets to have a go yourself. It's a bit of work...(There's a special treat there too...Ssshhhh!!!)


Permissions to Publish on Your Blog/Site

If you would like to link to or write about any project or product on this site - go right ahead - that would be so cool! Please do not copy and paste the article - link to it here in its entirety - you may use one image from a post... oh!... and thank you :)

Some people are having trouble with this. Save the downloaded file to your computer. Press 'File' and then 'Print'.

Oooweee! Time for a cuppa.


If you are having trouble downloading, better fix it!

If you are having trouble printing, better go fix that too!



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