Wandering Around The Sunday Market

Painting by a local artist                                        Photo:Marie Vonow

Every Sunday a market is held in the car park of the railway station which is about 7 minutes walk from my home. I go there sometimes to buy seedlings, plants, freshly baked goods or other items.

Yesterday I ran into a couple of people who are members of the local art gallery. The gallery is currently housed in the building which was once the stationmaster's house at the railway station. They mentioned they would be having a stall at the market today so I made a point of going along. I headed straight for the gallery stall.

I bought a painting and a piece of fabric art. The lady who created one of the pieces was serving on the stall and she was able to tell me about it. One afternoon a number of artists met at a member's home and experimented with dyeing different types of fabric. The different fabrics were all immersed in the same indigo dye bath but the results were different depending on whether the fabric was cotton, silk or another type of fabric.

I was attracted to this piece of art because the woodwork in my house is blue. It was interesting to hear the story behind the creation of this piece and knowing about it makes the item more than just something to hang on the lounge room wall.

Fabric art                                    Image:Marie Vonow

As well as the art work I bought a bundle of magazines about water colour painting. You may ask if I am thinking of taking up painting. The answer is 'no'. However, I cut interesting pictures, quotes and words out of all sorts of magazines and stick them in scrap books as a form of inspiration for my writing.

I was really happy with my purchases and for the opportunity to catch up with a few members of the Gallery whom I haven't seen in a while.

I enjoyed looking at some of the other stalls. Couldn't stop myself, I just had to buy 2 silver owls ($1 for the pair) which I made into earrings as soon as I got home. Well, as soon as I had drunk a nice cup of coffee. I think I will wear my owls tomorrow.

Owl earrings ready to wear                                            Image:Marie Vonow

Although the food smelt nice I walked straight past the van selling donuts and other delights. 

I bought fruit and vegies yesterday so I didn't need to spend time checking out the stalls selling them. 

There were a couple of stalls selling DVDs, CDs and books. I spent a few minutes browsing an amazing collection of buttons on another stall.

There were some lovely handmade wooden items, bird houses, small tables, benches, trays and stools. 

Had I wanted to buy jewellery I would have had plenty of items to choose from. 

There were also stalls selling clothing, both new and pre-loved. And there were antiques and vintage items for sale.

Markets are interesting to explore because you never know what you will find and if it is a local one, you never know who you will bump into.


  1. Ooh! How interesting! Would love to see your scrapbooks...I like to cut and paste but I haven't really ever done a scrapbook perse...I reckon I should do something about that...it's cool you made the owl earrings and got to catch up with folk xxx...

    1. My scrapbooks are simply books where I paste all sorts of bits and pieces that 'speak' to me. I include quotes (of course, quotes are one of my 'things'), bits of scenery, short articles, newspaper cuttings, the occasional photo, perhaps a postcard, pictures of clothes, home decor ideas, gardening ideas and whatever appeals when I see it. Sometimes I add a single word that inspires me. Usually I just stick the pics and leave them but now and then I add bits of ribbon, lace or some tiny buttons to a page. It's all done quickly with no fussing around.


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