Box Braids - Things to Know Before you get 'em

I thought I wanted box braids....

They are so pretty...funky...with it....gorgeous...

I have wanted them for years. I'm a Nan now and not very mindful of what others think (hell - I couldn't afford them before...still can't...but have more saving power ...and discipline) than when the family was young.

box braids
Image from MariaAntoinetteTV

On a local buy and sell FaceBook page recently, there have been people offering to do them for NZ$250 to mid back and NZ$300 to the top of your bum.

I put a message on asking if any of them would come to our reply.

I private messaged one of them...nice chat but no go.

Finding Out About Box Braids

Started looking about on YouTube. Seemed easy enough but time consuming. Can take a person 8 - 12 hours to do a head.

Sectioning seemed to be the hardest thing - so mirrors placed front and back would solve that

Sectioning back of head - brick pattern
Sectioning back of head - brick pattern

Started a cursory look about for delivered box braid hair extensions - costing about $9 a pack - average head uses 8 -10 packs plus postage.

Glad I looked at a few videos...because it was quite a while before I came across one that showed how to treat the synthetic hair before attaching...

The best one I thought was MarieAntoinetteTV

This made me curious...what other things should  know? Well... I looked...and I found...

Things to Know About Box Braids

These are general things - and do not happen to everyone
  • They hurt
  • You can't sleep for two or three days - knobbly things to sleep on until you get used to it
  • They are heavy - you start noticing on day two
  • They are itchy - tight and pulling
  • They can cause inflammation if you haven't treated the extensions - a vinegar solution to get rid of the alkali
  • They are a hassle to wash and maintain
  • They get in the way
  • Its a mission to take them out - hair damage

You see...when you have braids made with your natural hair- they taper...whereas box braids give you a uniform thickness down the length of the plait - so they are going to be heavy and pull....less you don't care, love fashion and have got a strong neck.

Natural braid and box braid
Natural braid and box braid


By the time I considered number three on the list I'd changed my mind....I'm into comfort - this old bird.

My hair isn't too bad - kinda wavy - got length and volume - it'll do.  So while I still love box braids I look at the pics now and think 'Gorgeous on you...but you can have it'


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