Using Dried Agapanthus Flower Heads As Decoration

Agapanthus flowers are bold and striking but the dead heads can be attractive too     Image:Pixabay

A couple of years ago I decided to experiment with using dead agapanthus flower heads from the garden as a free dried flower arrangement. I was pleased with the results.

I used a sharp pair of garden snips to cut off the flower heads with a stalk of about 40cm. The length depends on the size of the vase you will be putting them in. I carefully removed the loose bits of plant matter and the seeds with tweezers and my fingers.

To preserve them for a while I gave some a light coat of clear spray paint.
I gave these a quick coat of clear spray paint     Image:Marie Vonow
The natural dried flower heads suit a pottery vase or jug. They show up to good effect against a coloured background such as blue or a natural background – timber, brick or else a textured wall paper.

I also sprayed some with gold paint which added a subtle colour, not at all gawdy. I then added blobs of glitter nail polish to the tips for interest. I found nail polish with big bits of glitter showed up best.

I experimented using dark green spray paint I had in the shed. I think glossy black could look dramatic and I might try that next year. Natural flower heads and coloured ones can be arranged together in a vase to good effect. 
Sometimes you can make use of something you would normally discard if you look around your house and garden. This allows you to add a decorating touch to your house without spending money and encourages you to be creative.


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